How come I cannot find oranges, lemons, bananas at CAFM?

Because we require all our farmers only to sell what they grow (with 20% allowed from neighboring farms), only produce that is suitable for our climate is available at CAFM.


Is the produce available at CAFM organic?

Good question! We only allow farms that use organic growing practices or Integrated Pest Management to sell at CAFM. Produce grown conventionally using pesticides cannot be sold at our market. Not all our farmers are Organically Certified—this certification is prohibitively expensive for the small farms represented at our market.


Why Thursdays?

When we first started CAFM in 2006 there were not many vendors/farmers who were interested in selling at our little market, and especially not on busy weekend days. So, we decided to attract more vendors/farmers by introducing a Thursday night market. As it turns out, customers and vendors like the Thursdays evening market because it frees up precious weekend time.




When is the best time to visit?

Generally our vendors are well stocked, but you’ll find the best selection between3:00-5:30. The market is quieter from 5:30-6:30, which allows the vendors more time to answer questions and makes for easier access with strollers and wheelchairs.


Is there a Lost and Found?

Contact the Market Director at 978-290-2717 or email a description of your lost item and the date you suspect you lost it to


Do you allow pets at CAFM?

While Stage Fort Park is a public park and pets, on leashes, are allowed, be aware that a farmers market is not the best place to bring your pet. The aisles are filled with people, food, small children in strollers, and other distractions.